This Pomeranian puppy or adult has been examined by our Veterinarian at our local Veterinary Clinic. You will receive a record of vaccinations, worming, microchip ID and Vet examination this Pomeranian has had up to date of purchase.

The Pomeranian will be registered with the Canadian Kennel Club and the Registration papers will be mailed to the buyer.

The buyer understands that there is no guarantee on size, weight, color, coat, behavior, trainability or character of this Pomeranian. There is no guarantee against accidents.

If the new owner chooses, they have 48 hours from the time of purchase to have the pomeranian examined by a veterinarian of their own choice at the purchaser’s expense. If the vet examination indicates the pomeranian is not as described in the veterinarians record , is diseased or has a unreported genetic defect the buyers veterinarian must sign a written statement attesting to their findings. The buyer must return the pomeranian within 96 hours of purchase at the buyers expense with the written statement from the buyers vet as to the health condition.. The pomeranian will be replaced when one comes available from Son Shine Kennels. The buyer shall be responsible for any difference in price. Replacement is the only option.

This agreement is for the mutual benefit to protect you as well as us. Signing below assures you understand that you have bought a Veterinarian examined Registered Pomeranian. Walter and LaVerne McCarthy of Son Shine Kennels are not responsible for any debts or charges from you or your Veterinarian once this Pomeranian dog leaves Son Shine Kennels.

Deposits and Payments should you decide you do not want the dog are Non Refundable

This puppy (adult) is being sold on a Non-breeding contract. ____ Breeding Contract ________

Dogs sold as a household pets.must be spayed or neutered within three (3) months of sale.

This contract represents the entire agreement between the parties. No other agreements or promises, verbal or implied are included unless specifically stated herein.

DESCRIPTION OF DOG: ID # _________________________________________________________

SEX: ____ BIRTH DATE:______________________ COLOR _________________________________

NAME OF PUPPY: 1. Son Shine’s ______________________________________________________________


Dam ___________________________________________________________________________________________

PAID: ______________DEPOSIT: _____________ SHIPPING/CRATE_________

BUYER’S NAME: _______________________________________________________________________________

ADDRESS: _____________________________________________________________________________________

____________________ POSTAL CODE: ____________________ TELE: _________________________________

E-Mail ___________________________________________________________________________

I understand and agree with this contract

Buyer’s Signature: ___________________________________________ Date: ________________

Walter or LaVerne McCarthy,

SON SHINE KENNELS ____________________________________Date: _________________

  R.R.#2, Hensall, Ontario N0M1X0